Advanced surveys are undertaken under a Natural England project licences for the use of mist nets, harp traps and acoustic lures to catch bats, and our bat box checks are also undertaken under a NE project licence.


We also use purpose-built frames like this one (Designed by @BatAbility) to catch bats over waterways.


Bats are identified, and their sex, breeding condition and approximate age are written down. They are weighed and measured and DNA samples are collected, after which the bats are released at the site of capture. To date the project has caught and processed over 600 bats, adding greatly to our knowledge of bats in our area.


The information we gather not only feeds into the wider PhD study, but all biological records are submitted to Natural England, landowners and the local Biological Records Centre, EcoRecord where they are stored and used to inform planning application decisions, trigger survey requirements and mitigation schemes.